Functional Filipino Swords

I am offering a new sword in my Merchandise section: The Captain’s Sword, by the Canute Family. Take a look; it’s a terrific blade.
I am also now offering a line of functional Filipino Swords. These are actually handmade in the Philippines, and are considered a “hot item” by the vendor, meaning they are selling very well. I’ve had to wait several weeks to get the few I have, but am assured by CAS Iberia that the backlog will soon disappear. For now I will only carry the Kris, Bolo and Barong. Later I may add some short daggers. These are beautiful pieces with Kamagong, Molave, and Ingim woods for handles and scabbards.In the near future, I will be selling folding knives by Benchmade, Buck/Tarani/Strider, Boker, Columbia River, Spyderco and if available, Emerson. I have most of these in stock but need a couple of back up pieces so the wait is cut down. If you have a knife in mind contact me before you buy, I can order most major brands.

A word on Japanese Katanas:
Due to the popular movies “Last Samurai”, “Kill Bill I & II”, the Hanwei Katanas have been severely backordered. I’ve been told this week that stock is starting to appear, though if I put an order in it will still be about 2 weeks to get here. By mid-summer, the back order will be eliminated and the supply will be good.Many will be happy to know I’ve finally got my Seminars page updated. I hope to see many of you this summer!In spirit..

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