Issues of Fitness for the Martial Artist

by Stephen LaBounty (2007-10-21)

I wish to post these thoughts for consideration on why a Martial Artist must be more than "dojo" fit, he/she should be "incident" fit.

Dojo Fit:

Incident Fit:

There will be pain. It might be yours.

There will be blood. It probably will be yours.

There will be anger, hatred even. It will be directed towards you.

Here are some other things to ponder:

  1. Actually, we all are built to be athletes.
  2. We've become a Nation of spectators, with short attention spans.
  3. We are burying more people who die from diseases of choice.
  4. We've pretty much wiped out diseases of chance.
  5. Close to 60% of us die from lifestyle choices.
  6. The way we visualize ourselves, our imagery of us as persons is important. Most of us can't resolve crises, we are the crisis.
  7. Most of us lack discipline, but another word for discipline is love.
  8. The first line of defense in an attack is YOU!
  9. Being unprepared for an attack/battle is unforgivable, losing can be forgiven however.
  10. Discipline is the first fruits of self-respect. (A. Hessel)
  11. I, and other Martial Artists that I respect want heroes, not Kings.
  12.  If your physical fitness is so bad, and during a confrontation you become spent quickly, you will resort to anything to survive including those things that will cause deadly force. Called the "Continuum of Deadly Force" it is well proven in Law Enforcement and Military communities throughout the world.
  13. You can control your destiny and you can do it now. You are in charge of your well being. Your teachers, friends and family all depend on you to listen and stay safe and healthy. They will be with you during the most stressful of times. Don't let them down?

"All men are essentially the same. He is greatest who is trained in the severest school" - (Socrates)