We're Back!!!

by Stephen LaBounty (2010-01-26)
Yes, as I write this I am excited to now have the time to get back into maintaining my web page. With the help of my Web master and Son, I have a bunch of articles, pictures and information regarding Kenpo and Martial Arts generally.

We will also be correcting errors in Sigung's Store and have taken on the responsibility for that ourselves instead of "farming" it out to e-commerce entities. What you now see in the store is still available and I have even more access to product than before. So come back often and see how the store is progressing.

I wish to thank the many of you who have visited and enjoyed the web page. It is due to your constant inquires that I've alloted time to get back into writing, sharing and bringing to you close to 50 years of life and Kenpo. Remember, its not a job to me, nor a hobby, its a calling, and for those who feel that pull also, a place to see the past, experience the truth of the now, and look to a future of good, viable self protection in all phases of life.

Come back often!!! Salute!