by (2011-07-13)

Simply put, the word "spontaneity" is used most of the time when speaking of American Kenpo. But the words that lead up to the final definition are mostly glossed over. For example, words such as "drills", forms/kata's, techniques practiced in static, and of course the horrible "b" word, basics, are the most written and spoken words one will hear.

I will speak to American Kenpo as my base but will admit that what I say can be spread over all forms of defense, weapons, no weapons, bare hands and feet, etc.

It is said that the reason we practice basics over and over is because we need/want to escape the basics as they are boring. If you abandon the ego temptation of being and looking brilliant while occasionally doing proper basic fundamentals, even including the more advanced basics, you will "graduate" into Spontaneity. SGM Parker was very clear when he said that there were 'keys' that will unlock the doors of Kenpo. To attain these keys it is important that you examine everything that would prevent a clear view of what is to be found on the other side of the door, and keep intact the very foundation that builds the practitioner into a martial artist, the basics of all levels.

So, embrace the very sound principles that are present in the rudimentary beginnings of training. When the more advanced situations appear, the advancement of the basics with require only co-operation with both yours, and your opponents actions, which gives timing its proper place as well. "Crack the turtles shell" the Samurai would say. Think, train, train harder and give in to the lessons rather than try and conquer them.