Guru Paul Silva

by Stephen LaBounty (2007-10-26)

I am proud to introduce a returning member in the LaBounty family of Kenpo. Guru Paul Silva earned his Black Belt from me In the early 70's coming over from the Korean arts. With permission, he went on to the Indo-Filipino weapon arts to become an accomplished fighter/teacher in these arts, and did so by training with some of the original masters.

He began his training with Guro Rudy Yaminoha, a student of Rene Latosa. After training with Mr. Latosa for a time, both Guros gave him his Black Belt ranking and Instructor's certificates.

He began to research the Filipino arts deeper and found a lineage to Pentjak Silat. After moving to the San Jose, California area, he became familiar with a Silat master---Guru Pendita Dr. Andre Knustgraichen---going through all the levels as he had with the Latosa system. After six years of intensive study with Dr. Andre, he was promoted to full Guru and given permission to teach Silat.

Guru Silva then obtained permission to train with Maha Guru Victor De Thouars of the Pentjak Silat Serak system, and in fact has made some knives for Maha Guru De Thouars. For the next two years he studied with Guru Mike Roberto of the VDT Academy in Capitola, California. He is still a student of Maha Guru De Thouars and Guru Roberto.

Silva 2

Along his many travels in the weapons world, he found Master Guro Carlito Bonjoc of Stockton, California, which in my opinion was a breeding ground of some of the most famous Filipino Masters, and from their training he was awarded Supreme Master (with permission of the Bonjoc family). Guru Silva gave Master Guro Bonjoc his personal Kris sword as a sign of respect and submission to his authority.

Guru Silva was a bare knuckle full contact fighter, a great motorcycle mechanic and rider, and devoted student and good friend. I asked him to be the weapons Guru of the LaBounty family to help us expand our skills. As an original from the Iron Worker school, I can't wait for his first visit here.

Please welcome Master Guru Paul Silva of "Silva Kenpo Eskrima Kilat Kalis nga paagi" system.