The LaBounty "Family"

by Dennis Conatser (2007-10-26)

I can't start to explain the precise feelings I have as a member of this unique group. Starting with my first day in the Kenpo Studio this structure or philosophy (filled with colorful terms and traditions) has permeated each member and has become an intrigual part of me. Many talk about the "family" of Kenpo but the LaBounty family has got to be one of the strongest I have experienced anywhere in the world.

Respect, loyalty, traditions, etiquette, knowledge, skill, history or lineage, and love - are all part of this large and fruitful group. Many individuals of this family are world leaders today in Kenpo! Wow, what a great feeling to be part of! Tom Kelly, Huk Planas, Gary Swan, Art Delgado, Brian Duffy (just to name a very few) are standouts in the World of Kenpo as we enter the new millennium!

Several have studied directly with Mr. Parker prior to his passing and have always "brought home" current updates and ideas to share with everyone that was interested. The members of this awesome family never, NEVER, forget their roots and carry proudly their lineage always. Some even have had major rolls in the continual evolution of Kenpo, by helping with the manuals, teaching seminars, developing drills, running first class Kenpo Studios, competing at a local and national levels and spreading the Art of Kenpo wherever they travel.

Strong Basics, Realistic applications, advanced knowledge of the system as well as some well placed traditions can be seen in place at any function that we gather. Respectful terms, Warrior Spirit, formal family eating etiquette, control, discipline & constant guidance are always able to be seen. The "always remain a student" attitude that Steve LaBounty constantly professes is always present by example. "Sigung" as he likes to be called, is always looking to expand his Art. Forever a student, he plays the Native American flute for relaxation, studies herbal cures and is an avid bookworm spanning many topics. Continually updating and experimenting with his Art as well as accents with weapons, police tactics, pressure point training, health study and many other aspects are his passion. Best of all however, is the fact that he has an incredible desire to share with all of us.

I want to personally thank Sigung for just being himself (I can tell you from experience, we have been through some wars), and I am so proud to have been instructed, disciplined, guided, counseled, given freedom to expand at times, and encouraged to be the best Kenpo Man I could be. Without your input and training the Kenpo World would be a lot less productive than it is today.

Thank You Sir,